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Incredible Growth Possibilities in Amaranth Market with Top Prominent Market Players like AMR Amaranth A.S, Proderna Biotech, Health Valley, Amaranth Resources, Arrowhead Mills, and Nu-world Amaranth

Amaranth is a cosmopolitan genus of short-lived or annual perennial plants. It grows five to six feet’s in maroon or crimson color. Some amaranth species are cultivated as pseudocereals, leafy vegetables, and ornamental plants. Amaranth comprises various elements such as tocopherols, linoleic acid, stearic acid, and oleic acid. It also contains protein-rich acids and high-quality squalene. It is used in pharmaceuticals, food supplements, cosmetics and fragrance industries. The global amaranth market is increasing due to its various applications in health care products.

The global amaranth market size was estimated at USD 5.88 billion in 2019. It is poised to expand at a CAGR of +12% during the forecast period.

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Top Key Players:

Proderna Biotech Pvt. Ltd., AMR Amaranth A.S., Nans Products Pvt Ltd., Flaveko Trade Spol. S.R.O, Nu-World Foods, Amaranth Bio Company, Amaranth Nord, RusOliva Pvt. Ltd., Dk Mass S.R.O, Spol S.R.O, Health Valley, Amaranth Resources, Arrowhead Mills, and Nu-world Amaranth

The Amaranth market is segmented on the basis of geography in the United States, Europe, India, Japan, China, and Southeast Asia. The geographical segmentation provides a distinct assessment of the factors supporting these regions, the favorable regulatory policies, and the impact of the political frameworks. Market drivers, restraints, and opportunities have been evaluated to explain the anticipated nature of investments and their impact on the global market in terms of future prospects.

Product Outlook (Volume, Kilotons; Revenue, USD Million, 2018 – 2025)

  • Amaranth seed
  • Amaranth oil
  • Amaranth leaf
  • Amaranth flour

Application Outlook (Volume, Kilotons; Revenue, USD Million, 2018 – 2025)

  • Food & Beverages
  • Personal care
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Others

Global intelligence report highlights the following measures:

  • Detailed analysis of the dynamic variable of the global market
  • It offers an outline of the feasibility of projects
  • Business profiles of prominent key players
  • Global market forecast in the upcoming years
  • Deployment methods operating in the global market
  • Estimation of market values
  • Growth prospects among developed countries

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The global Amaranth Market research report is integrated considering the primary and secondary research methodologies that have been collected from reliable sources intended to generate a factual database. The data from market journals, publications, conferences, white papers and interviews of key market leaders are compiled to generate our segmentation and is mapped to a fair trajectory of the market during the forecast period.

Major highlights of the global research report:

  • Detailed elaboration on latest technologies and their influence on the global market
  • It offers qualitative and quantitative research of the global Amaranth market
  • Applicable sales approach for expansion of the businesses
  • It enlists the trends, threats, challenges, and opportunities
  • Elaboration on effective marketing and global distribution channels

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